Mobile Registry VI Library Released

Giawerx is proud to announce the initial release of the Mobile Registry VI Library for LabVIEW™. This VI Library extends the already familiar functionality of the registry VIs provided in LabVIEW for the Windows desktop to the PDA platforms, namely Windows Mobile™ and PocketPC™.

Initially, we needed this functionality internally to develop various solutions. We examined several other solutions and implementations, but they all required 3rd party DLLs which also required creating stub DLLs. For a LabVIEW developer who is not proficient in C, this task can be quite daunting. For the LabVIEW developer that is proficient in C, the logistics involved in getting this functionality integrated into one's program could consume a fair amount of time.

For little more than the average cost of a billable hour for a typical LabVIEW Systems Integrator, Giawerx has developed a VI Library that is nearly identical to the form and function of the Registy VIs found in the standard LabVIEW package for the desktop. This means that you get the instant gratification of integrating registry key functionality without the headaches of stub DLLs and deploying 3rd party DLLs. We've written the code utilizing the new inline-C functionality found in LabVIEW 8.5, and make calls to native DLLs on the target, so you can get on with your coding and forget about the details of programming the registry. This product provides a pure LabVIEW abstraction that not only get's you up and running quickly, but also provides a near seamless interchangeability with code targeting the desktop utilizing the desktop registry VIs you're already familiar with.

You can find the downloadable installer in our Shopping cart. The installer places the VIs, documentation, and examples in the appropriate  locations so you can quickly begin using the functionality and refer to the documentation and examples within LabVIEW.

We hope you enjoythe functionality and simplicity the Mobile Registry VI Library provides!